The Gantry

Unit 1, Steedcourt Business Park, Off Waggon Lane, Upton, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF9 1JJ. Tel 01977 644899

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Directions on the net are a bit sketchy so here are a few pointers...

If you are using sat-nav, the postcode on its own is pretty much enough to take you to the door. Google Street View is a bit out of date and doesn't show the venue but it does show the business park.

If you are coming down Waggon Lane from the top right of the map above, you will see this: Image of road layout from North East You need to turn left at the "Garfield's" sign.

If you are coming up Waggon Lane from the bottom left of the map you will see this: Image of road layout from South West Turn right at the "Gantry Pub" sign.

Then turn left into the car park:
Image of The Gantry car park

Bob's your uncle! Image of The Gantry's entrance